About Us

Raumplus is a second-generation manufacturer of sliding doors, room dividers and interior systems. In 1986 Jürgen Guddas founded the company putting the accent on uncompromising quality, honest trade and customer-friendliness.

The brand is now present on all continents and has partners in 70 countries, including China, the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Poland.

Exceptional products

Some 15,000 doors pass through the hands of six door builders every year. And every one of them bears the signature of the person who manufactured it. Every one of these custom-fit, hand-made doors is a unique product and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Under pressure

If you want to succeed in your everyday life, you need to be able to stand up to pressure. When it comes to our doors and systems, we want to be able to guarantee this to you, so we regularly put our products to the test – they must continually prove their functionality, quality and durability.

We consciously subject our systems to everything we can think of because if they pass our tests we can happily allow them to leave the plant to undergo the daily wear and tear that makes up the day-to-day life of a piece of furniture.

Uncompromising Quality

What is quality? It is more than the use of premium materials, meticulous workmanship, and the creation of a worthy product in the end. It is also more than the detailed inspections and the advancement of form, function, and design.

Quality is all of that but it is foremost a promise to customers. We are devoting special attention to ensuring quality in each area of production.

Made in Germany

We ship our products to over 70 countries worldwide. From Brazil to Australia and from China to South Africa raumplus is the epitome of innovative sliding doors, room dividers; and closet systems. There is no global player behind this international success but rather a family from Bremen, Germany. Second generation Uta and Carsten D. Bergmann have successfully developed their company into an international brand. A strong team, for whom ›Made in Germany‹ is a family thing.



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